‘Ranger and Leopard‘ directed by Fathollah Amiri and Nima Asgari is among the finalists competing for ‘People and Nature’ prize at the biennial Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017.

We are happy to announce that ‘Ranger and Leopard‘  has been nominated in this years “People and Nature” category at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

More than 150 preliminary judges reviewed over 600 submissions and 3,500 hours of film to determine the 2017 finalists before handing the shortlisted films off to a final judging panel.

Twenty-four award winners, selected from 900 categories, will be feted on Sept. 28 at the Grand Teton Awards Gala, which takes place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

“My biggest takeaway this year, is how many deeply personal stories are being told,” said Lisa Samford, executive director of Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, in a statement. “It speaks to the true power of the genre and importance of telling these stories.”

Poster and teaser of the film will be announced soon here.

For more information visit Ranger and Leopard‘s page